About Us

The reason this site exist is this. My name is Dave Gibson and as some of you may know, from time to time, I have dabbled in the music and the art of making the music.
I've had two main bands that I've enjoyed making music with over the years Elemeno P & Streets of Laredo.
Anyway, one of my regrets (there are many 🤦‍♂️) is not learning the Circle of Fifths sooner. It comes in quite handy as it turns out. I have my a good friend Godfrey DeGrut to thank for teaching me. Thanks, God.
Anyway, years later I had a son, he had just turned 3, and I wanted some solid music theory/educational prints hanging around his bedroom. My hope was that maybe by osmosis, at the very least, he would become familiar with this holy grail of musical theory. So, I searched & searched but could not find a Circle of Fifths print that sparked even the smallest amount of joy #MarieKondo
So, I took (maybe stole) a little from the Bauhaus movement and made my very own Circle of Fifths print for my boy.
It now hangs in his room. Good for him. Then a good friend of mine Tyson Kennedy of Fatboy Hair, Cutler Salon & Steriogram fame suggested I sell it on the interwebs using all of the knowledge I had acquired during my misspent youth building merch companies, selling t-shirts & selling water bottles. So I did. And this is that. 🙏

If you have any music theory prints you'd like re-imagined please let us know below...or actually anything. Get in touch.